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Tuesdays at 5pm/ Thursdays at 9pm

Produced by Animal Sounds Productions

Host, Keith Flynn, offers a dynamic hybrid of poetry, music, and history in an exciting narrative, with each show’s theme weaving poetry and song in vivid dialogue. An informative and unexpected hour, this singular program represents a stunning showcases of language and lyrics, using a wide range of musical genres and poetic styles. Award-winning North Carolina poet, producer, editor, and vocalist, Keith Flynn, broadcasts from the studio at White Rock Hall, a 1909 church retrofitted with a soundstage and recording studio, while still maintaining its century-old Smoky Mountains splendor.

*EPISODE SEVEN—(Show Theme: CARS)—MUSIC by Ronnie and the Daytonas, Bob Dylan, Primus, War, Go-Go’s, Lightning Hopkins, Rihanna, Ministry, Commander Cody, and His Lost Planet Airmen, Gary Numan, Tracy Chapman, The Beatles. POETRY by Wanda Coleman, James Dickey, Simon Armitage, Eloise Klein Healy.

*EPISODE EIGHT—(Show Theme: INEBRIATION & INSPIRATION)—MUSIC by Dr. John, Siouxie, and the Banshees, The Devil’s Daughters, Willie Nelson, Texas Hippie Coalition, The Doors, Tom Waits, John Lee Hooker, Jefferson Airplane, Starcrawler, Depeche Mode, Living Colour, Joy Division. POETRY by Charles Baudelaire, Emily Dickinson, Aspen Mattis, Rumi, Arthur Rimbaud.

*EPISODE NINE—(Show Theme: SUPERHEROES)—MUSIC by The Kinks, Herbie Mann Orchestra, Ides of March, Donovan, Jane’s Addiction, Lion Babe, Daze, Hilary Duff, Black Sabbath, Ghostface Killah, The Traits. POETRY by Keith Flynn, Terrance Hayes, Rae Armantrout.

*EPISODE TEN—(Show Theme: THE NATURAL WORLD)—MUSIC by Jackson Browne, Babylon Zoo, Talking Heads, Chris Whitley, Chevelle, Marvin Gaye, Tool, Bill Anderson, Head East, Joni Mitchell, Bad Religion. POETRY by Robert Frost, Greta Thunberg, Rita Dove, Ted Hughes.

*EPISODE ELEVEN—(Show Theme: FOOD)—MUSIC by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass, Squeeze, Alison Krauss & Union Station, James Brown, Hot Chip, Little Feat, ZZ Top, Monty Python, Dropkick Murphys, The Runaways, George Hamilton IV, Adam and the Ants, Presidents of the United States of America. POETRY by Carol Muske-Dukes, Elizabeth Alexander, Seamus Heaney.

*EPISODE TWELVE—(Show Theme: OUTLAWS)—MUSIC by Fiona Apple, The Dead South, Allman Brothers, Billy Joel, Pat Benatar, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, P. J. Harvey, Tammy Wynette, Audioslave, Steve Miller Band, Pantera, The Bamboos.POETRY by Jack Spicer, Tom Robbins, Nikki Giovanni, Michael Ondaatje.

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