crop for colony collapse “Flynn’s words need to be read aloud for the full dramatic impact,” writes Jennifer MacPherson in The Comstock Review, “but even on the page, they mesmerize the reader with their historical significance and startling juxtapositions. These are original, passionate, vigorous and musical narratives that roam the full spectrum of the art. Keith Flynn is a true original, and a national treasure.”  Flynn is currently touring with his combo, The Holy Men, whose first album, LIVE at Diana Wortham Theatre, was released in 2011. Flynn is the author of five collections of poetry: The Talking Drum (1991), The Book of Monsters (1994), The Lost Sea (2000), and The Golden Ratio (2007), and the forthcoming Colony Collapse Disorder (Wings Press, 2013).


His poems have appeared in hundreds of magazines, journals, and anthologies in the United States and Europe, including The American Literary Review, Ecotone, Cave Wall, The Poetics of American Song LyricsThe Carolina Quarterly, The Colorado Review, Crazyhorse, The Cuirt Journal (Ireland), Earth and Soul: The Kostroma Anthology (Russia), The 20th Century Anthology of NC Poets, Poetry Wales, Takahe (New Zealand), Margie, Shenandoah, Quarterly Review (Singapore), Rattle, and The Southern Poetry Review.


He has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, and the National Book Award, was awarded the Paumanok Poetry Prize in 1996, and the 2013 North Carolina Literary Fellowship.  Flynn has given thousands of performances from his work across North America and abroad.  In 2005 and 2006, Flynn served as the Gilbert-Chappell Distinguished Poet for North Carolina, working to promote the cultural importance of poetry in his home state. He is also the founder and editor of The Asheville Poetry Review, a literary journal established in 1994, that has published over 1,500 writers from 22 countries. His first collection of essays, The Rhythm Method, Razzmatazz and Memory: How To Make Your Poetry Swing, was published by Writer’s Digest Books in February, 2007.


… Keith Flynn was born August 4, 1962. He studied at Mars Hill College and the University of North Carolina at Asheville (UNCA) where he studied Creative Writing and Political Science. While at UNCA, Flynn was instrumental in founding the student newspaper, The Blue Banner, and in 1985 won the Sandburg Prize for Poetry. He moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1987 and formed the nationally acclaimed rock band, The Crystal Zoo, which produced three albums: Swimming Through Lake Eerie (1992), Pouch (1996) and Nervous Splendor (2003), an innovative compilation of music and spoken word. Serving as lyricist and lead singer from 1986 to 1998, Flynn’s poems were blasted to full effect by the double-barreled sonic accompaniment of The Crystal Zoo. As a widely traveled poet and performer, Flynn uses many different voices to accomplish his aims.

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PLEASE CLICK ON LIVE AT WHITE ROCK HALL FOR PREVIEW OF THE SHOW:  The dynamic blend of LIVE music and poetry spontaneously fused and presented in the beautiful sanctuary of White Rock Hall, the 100-year-old church nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina


     Praise for The Rhythm Method, Razzmatazz & Memory:  How to Make Your Poetry Swing

  • “a tornado speed tour through modern and postmodern poetics. . .and one of the most engaging, soulful, generous, and truly exciting books I have ever read.”  - Fred Chappell
  • “[The Rhythm Method] is destined to become a classic reference and teaching resource.”   - The Writer’s Digest Roundtable of Editors


Both a visionary and pioneer, Flynn’s work has been described as “politically incisive,” “emotionally dramatic,” “raging and visceral,” and Flynn himself as “an American Rimbaud,” and “a provocateur with a tender heart.” Certainly Flynn’s readings of his work, which often include a cappella blues and gospel songs, are shifting the perception of what a poetry reading can and should be–evocative, highly original, and dynamic. Flynn lives and works in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains a half hour north of Asheville, North Carolina in the heart of Madison County.   52c95187eb77c23bf388d5b958513133IMG_2764Keith victory 0953ab315ac5e6562259d1c689dcecf5e7bb1866b33b4adefb7253ce33f74539




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